Happy Baby Raccoon Season from all of us at Fur Finder LLC

clock icon May 16, 2019

Motivated by food and love to take long daily naps? Then, you can relate to the clever raccoon bandits that frequent residential attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces. Their excellent climbing skills and dexterous hands give them easy access to your home.
The female raccoons that have been hiding away for the winter give birth to one to six babies most prominently in the months of April and May. These new mothers are scavenging for garbage or pet food to provide their babies.
If these mothers happen to have settled down in your chimney or attic, it is essential to let professionals, such as Fur Finder, handle the situation for several reasons. The mothers are very protective of their babies for their first year of life. They are likely carrying several diseases and parasites transferable to humans. While inside the attic they may tear up insulation for nesting materials or chew on wires creating a serious fire hazard. The accumulation of urine and feces will smell and can possibly leak through your ceiling.

Raccoon Babies

Raccoon on Roof

What are the signs?

• Damage to your home (i.e. uncapped chimneys, torn shingles, bent gutters, holes in siding, damages soffits or vents)
• Tipped trash cans
• Damage to your garden or bird feeders
• Raccoon tracks or feces
• Scratching, shuffling, and crying noises

What is the solution?

Fur Finder will professionally and effectively take care of your wildlife issues and relocate them together in a humane way. Our cleanup process is of equal importance to remove any feces carrying the parasites. Any opening will be sealed creating a raccoon proof home guaranteed for three years. Call today to receive a reasonable price and schedule your appointment with one of our skilled technicians.