Frequently Asked Questions

Wildlife Removal Service, we proudly offer a variety of options, including a comprehensive rodent and possum removal service. If you're hearing noises, give us a call. We'll come out and inspect the home and make a plan to remove the animals. As always, we'll take great care to sanitize your home.

Most homeowners and businesses experience issues with wildlife such as raccoon, squirrels, flying squirrels, groundhogs, bats, birds, birdsnesting, and skunks.

After a detailed inspection of your home we will use devices to humanely remove the animals from your home. Our company stands out from other companies because we actually remove the animal and then seal the entry points the animals have made.

If you find a bat in your living space you can call your local animal control to help you. The animal control can send it for testing since bats can carry the rabies virus.
Call Fur Finder to schedule a home inspection. Our home inspection will determine where the bats are entering your home. We safely remove the bats and seal the entry points. Our company also offers a 3 year guarantee of the work we perform.

The idea that raccoons are completely nocturnal is inaccurate. Raccoons often look for food during the day, especially when they have young to take care of. If a raccoon is aggressive toward you or your pet do not approach it, they are wild animals that are unpredictable.
Call Fur Finder to help you with trapping and relocation of the animal.