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clock icon May 28, 2021

At Fur Finder, we get calls about bat issues in homes and commercial buildings from time to time. Bats can be tricky to deal with and need to be handled very specifically. They are protected under the NJ Endangered and Nongame Species Conservation Act, which means it is illegal to kill or capture them. Therefore, there are strict guidelines that our technicians must follow when handling bat issues. Listed below are these important guidelines:

  • April 1-April 30 and August 1-October 15 are the only times that we can do bat work. We can do exclusion work, meaning removing the bats and sealing up the areas where they came in, only during these time frames.
  • May 1-July 31 is birthing season so absolutely no exclusion work can be done. If a nursing mother bat is removed, it can directly result in the death of its babies.
  • October 16-March 31 is hibernation season and bats should not be disturbed during this time. If it is determined that the bats are not present, exclusion work can be done.
  • The only exception to these restrictions is if it is determined that there is a health risk present, which we can then remove the bats and do the exclusion.

Bats are definitely a misunderstood species. Yes they may seem scary, but they are actually an extremely vital part of the environment. They help to pollinate and disperse the seeds of plants, as well as serve as pest control by eating insects. Because of their high importance, our technicians must exercise great care when handling bats. They are highly skilled in determining the source of the issue, fixing the problem, and preventing further issues from occurring. So the next time you encounter a bat, don’t scream, call Fur Finder!